Kiko Goats were developed in New Zealand and soon established th emselves in the United States as a robust, parasite-resistant  breed with good maternal qualities. The American Kiko Goat Association was created in 1994 to promote the breed, and its members soon led the organization toward data-driven breeding decisions and reliable registry services. The Association purchased the original herd book in 2000, which implies that all Kiko registries may trace their animals back to AKGA animals.

The AKGA members opted to re-incorporate as a tax-exempt organization in 2008, and the IRS granted them 501(c)(5) status. This certification compels the Association to prioritize serving its members, and the organization's benefits may not be distributed to a single individual. Members have complete control over the organization's direction and scope, allowing it to adapt to changing conditions and respond rapidly to breeder and buyer concerns. The AKGA is still breed-focused today, with the strongest proved parentage criteria of any goat registry in North America, ensuring that your investment is protected.

The AKGA, being a member-run organization, depends on the knowledge and experience of its members in fields ranging from animal science to business to law and education, and everything in between. It's simple to become engaged. Join a committee or regional organization, attend a local event to promote the breed, or serve on the board! You can also opt to just breed some of the world's greatest goats in peace. As a member, you may choose how involved you want to be, but your ideas are always welcome.

When you look at the advantages of membership, you'll see that it's about more than keeping track of pedigrees; it's about being a part of a vibrant community and promoting the breed. Whether you're new to goats or have been ranching for a long, the AKGA has the resources, support, and networking to help you succeed.

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